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    DAS is proud to be recognized as a
    Top Accounting Service by Expertise.com.

    Receiving High Marks for Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, Professionalism while
    Providing service with honesty, reliability, and respect.
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    As you work with vendors or outside
    contractors, anticipate which ones
    you will pay more than $600
    to over the course of the year
    so you can send them 1099-Misc forms.
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    Offering fringe benefits such as
    health, vision and child-care
    assistance instead of standard
    raises can reduce tax burdens.
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    When faced with a choice of
    deducting either your actual auto
    expenses or the mileage deduction
    for business-related driving, take
    the mileage deduction. It's a better
    deal with gas prices so high. Mobile apps
    such as Outright can make it easy to log
    your mileage as you go.
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    Keep business and personal expenses
    separate. That means maintaining separate
    checking accounts and credit cards for
    your business.
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    You can deduct educational expenses that
    maintain or improve skills required in
    your present employment, including
    seminars, classes and convention fees.

Accounting Services & Tax Services of Lynnwood, Washington

Our Services Include:

Diversified Accounting Services, Lynnwood, Washington, Kenmore, Woodinville, knowledgeable, professional, tax services

Diversified Accounting Services Inc.™ has been serving the business community for 33 years. We know that not every company can afford its own accounting department. While you may not need an accountant everyday, you need someone who is knowledgeable and can act fast.

Diversified Accounting Services Inc.™ performs personal as well as business related accounting and tax work. We emphasize the importance of assessing each customer’s needs individually. We believe the time spent analyzing your needs and discussing solutions is time well spent. In discussing your needs we will determine how your family’s finances might be rearranged to reduce the bite that taxes will take out of them. We’ll review tax strategies for the future to reduce your tax liability. Our greatest professional success is to help you keep what you are legally entitled.

Diversified Accounting Services, Lynnwood, Washington, knowledgeable, professional, tax services

Serving the Greater Puget Sound
Lynnwood - Bothell - Everett - Mukilteo - Shoreline - Lake City - Seattle - Lake Forrest Park - Edmonds Marysville - Redmond - Snohomish - Mill Creek - Mountlake Terrace - Kenmore - Woodinville - Kirkland